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Memphis Business Journal articles

health care
Dr. Lan’s catheter ablation procedure effective treatment for patient’s atrial fibrillation

Health care construction remains bright spot in otherwise bleak industry

Opposition to health reform centers on government’s role in insurance

financial services
Dodd-Frank’s consumer protection initiatives hinge on financial literacy

Compliance industry blossoms thanks to stiffer oversight, social media

Sustaining wealth: The growth of the family office

Twins’ career paths run parallel, merge and sometimes collide

Law school, attorney experience good springboard for other careers

economic development
Economic developers turn to retaining businesses

High-end food producers reach distant markets with FedEx affiliate

BONUS: My old MBJ “On The Move” profile

Memphis Flyer cover storiesMemphis Flyer cover story by Gary Bridgman

The DIY technology maker movement is hacking it in the Mid-South

A firsthand look at Memphis’ most ravaged urban waterway

John Ruskey Brings Adventure Tourism to the Mississippi River

Magazine and Book Features

Lonely Planet Louisiana & the Deep South (co-author)

Memphis Magazine Shooting the Revolution: Cuban photos find an unlikely port of entry in Oxford

Utne Reader Guerrilla Photographer

“BOOK” magazine Yoknapatourism in William Faulkner’s Back Yard

White Papers, Advertorials and Blog PostsArticles and Publications by Gary Bridgman

How to Grow the Perfect Fall Pumpkin (and Why You Need to Start Now)
> Ghost-written for Archer Malmo social media client, Tower Garden

5 Reasons Your Dog Itches: Starting from Scratch

Ending the Pilling Battle with Your Pet
> These two articles for Zoetis (Pfizer Animal Health) were feature-linked via Outbrain on CNN Health,, and the front pages of ABC, NBC and Fox News.

Bioworks Third-Generation Fracture Products
> For Smith & Nephew in Memphis Bioworks Foundation’s magazine

DeSoto Appeal It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Stressmass
> Winner, PRSA VOX Award for op-ed writing, ghost-written for DAC Fitness

White Papers

Relocating to Russia: Current Issues Facing Companies and Expatriate Staff
> I researched and wrote the introduction and then adapted the rest from a 70-slide PowerPoint deck supplied by my client.

Buying Expatriate Relocation Services: Real vs. Perceived Costs 
> This was also adapted from a client-supplied slide deck.

PR and Marketing “Triage” for Clinicians
> Initially written for PR client NuVasive Spine as part of a media relations toolkit for doctors