Content Marketing Strategies

Position your company’s executives as thought leaders

Discover and share what is authentically newsworthy about your company (If that sounds like PR to you, you’re right)

Plan SEO-optimized digital content for internal and external readerships

Tactics and Deliverables

Content marketing
Planning, copywriting and integrating owned media, including website, social and email content elements.

Digital media
Email campaigns, native advertising, Google AdWords (paid search), optimized landing pages, reputation management, Facebook ad copy and complete enterprise web content reboots. Social message distribution via Facebook Business Manager, Hootsuite, Miappi and G Suite.

Business writing
SEO-optimized feature articles, case studies, blog posts, executive biographies, white papers, advertorials and op-ed columns.

Earned media/public relations
When content marketing connects with a journalist, it’s called PR. Campaign planning, press releases, talking points and media pitches, where appropriate. Optimizing online press-room content based on journalists’ observed habits.

Please note that making sparks fly everywhere out of a garbage can lid, like the person in the photo above, is not actually one of my capabilities. Also, that looks kind of dangerous.

How Can I Help Your Business?
e.g. What do you sell?
Your competitive advantage. A claim to which your competitors would have no honest answer.
I acknowledge nondisclosure and confidentiality requirements, where applicable and appropriate.
e.g. current website, social media page, publication where you're placing an advertorial, etc.
I won't be spamming you...unless that's what you want to pay me to do!